Latest Tafseer

Title Surah Date Media
(18) Why God Put us in So Much Misery and Suffering?Surah YasinSeptember 28th, 2020
(17) Q&A: Why God Created us? Dr. Syed Nasir ZaidiSurah YasinSeptember 28th, 2020
(16) Reflecting Upon Signs of GodSurah YasinSeptember 28th, 2020
(15) Spiritual and Theological Messages in the story of Momin-e-Aale YasinSurah YasinSeptember 28th, 2020
(14) Habib Najjar’s Death and the Glimpse of BarzakhSurah YasinSeptember 28th, 2020
(13) Genuineness of ProphethoodSurah YasinSeptember 28th, 2020
(7) Unbelievers’ Materialistic ParadigmAl FurqanJuly 28th, 2020
(6) Worshiping and HereafterAl FurqanJuly 28th, 2020
(5) Rububiyyah and Sovereignty of AllahAl FurqanJuly 28th, 2020
(4) Dua and UboodiyyatAl FurqanJuly 28th, 2020
(3) Uboodiyyah, Servitude to AllahAl FurqanJuly 28th, 2020
(2) Taqwa and Furqan by Dr. Syed Nasir ZaidiAl FurqanJuly 28th, 2020
(1) The meaning of Blessing and FurqanAl FurqanJuly 28th, 2020
(12) Religious Perspective of Evil EyeSurah YasinJuly 28th, 2020
(11) Good and Evil OmenSurah YasinJuly 28th, 2020