Latest Lectures

Title Category Date Media
Appropriateness in Communication with OthersMarch 23rd, 2018
Prostrating (Sajda) to Other than AllahTheology علم کلامMarch 23rd, 2018
The Wrath of GodQuranic ApproachMarch 23rd, 2018
Invisible VeilsEthics and MysticismMarch 22nd, 2018
Nazr/Niaz in the Name of Imams and ProphetsTheology علم کلامMarch 22nd, 2018
Morality and Ethics, Contemporary and Quranic ApproachQuranic ApproachDecember 25th, 2016
Slavery Lecture 2Slavery in history and IslamNovember 22nd, 2016
slavery – Lecture 1Slavery in history and IslamNovember 1st, 2016