A Multi-Faith Resource for Indigenous and Canadian relations

Held on Monday, February 24, 2020, 7 PM Chapel of the Epiphany, Vancouver School of Theology.

In this book, we learn how nine different faith traditions participate in Reconciliation. The Co-sponsored by the Vancouver School of Theology and the Canadian Race Relations Foundation with funding from the Department of Canadian Heritage.

Dr. Syed Nasir Zaidi was one of the contributors to the book. His article was on “Reconciliation: An Islamic Perspective. In this article, Dr. Zaidi said: As a new immigrant to Canada, we do not have a past relationship with Canada’s Indigenous peoples. We are slowly building relationships trough inter-faith and inter-cultural outreach. As a part of our encounter with Canadian culture, we are meeting indigenous people, learning about their culture, and understanding their history. We have learned about a forced conversion to Christianity, attempts to eradicate indigenous cultures, broken treaties, and continued unequal access to rights and services. As we approach Canada’s indigenous peoples, we bring Islamic spiritual virtues of unity, humility, and empathy. We share their desires to work towards the freedom of faith, diversity of cultures, and equality in humanity. These, fundamental moral principles, articulated by our greatest teachers, invite Muslims to play a part in Reconciliation.